Producent SalleMore


         We are a Polish manufecturer of bathroom accesories and we would likt to introduce you to our high quality produscts. The products of our company are entirely made of solid brass machined and then coated with galvanized chrome coating. All our products are manufactured exclusively in our production plant from the highest quality raw materials, which excludes the use of any components from the Far East. Thanks to this, the products we offer are characterized by considerable resistence to use, resistance to mechanical damage and the influence of chemical substances. Our offer includes products in chrome, chrome gold, polished brass and antique brass as well as deep black and cooper brass.

We ensure timely delivery, efficient implemention of specjal orders and attractive discounts rof our distributors- from 30% on net prices. We hope that our products will meet your approval, which will have a positive impact on the further development of you and our company. If you are interested in cooperation, please let us know, then we will try to send to you our representative who will present you our offer. 

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