Producent SalleMore


The Sallemore company is a recognized manufacturer of bathroom accessories. We have extensive experience in creating functional solutions that are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship. Bathroom accessories produced by us are created thanks to the innovative technology of brass processing. As a result, they are extremely resistant to mechanical damage and harmful chemical substances, retaining their values for a long time. In the interest of the aesthetic appearance of our products , we use unique desing and the best materials. We also guarantee easy assembly of  our products.


Solutions from this colletion are characterized by very effective, Scandinavian design. Determined lines and a simple form combined whit carefully thought- out shapes make the products ideal for modern bathrooms.


Accessories from this line are characterized by effective aesthetics, which gives elegance to the entire interior. This product line are dominated by models with a simple desing and delicate finish.


Soft shapes , rounded edges, make the Brando collection enchant with its stylistics. It can be successfully used in any type of bathing rooms- from classic interiors to contemporary ones.


The Atea Collection is also distinguished by its high funkctionality. Very delicate colors make the accessories that make up the bathroom give the bathroom a unique style and character.


The solution from the Thor collection stands out in terms of massiceness. Accessories from this segment are nowadays characterized by a stright line, which creates the anticipated effect of elegance, and at the same time increases the prestige of the interior. The square shapes and simple patterns of our collection make them ideally match to modern facilities.


Massive shapes, sharp edges, make the Hebe collection captivating with its appearance. Products from this line are characterized by massiveness compared to other collections. It works great with wood and concrete.